The Song of Our Heart

A good vision energizes us and gives us patience and perseverance when we face difficulties. It can also be very practical and staring us in the face. Who are we and what do we have in our hands?  We’re a congregation of about 30 fairly diverse people. Our church is part of the Anabaptist tradition with roots in the sixteenth century radical reformation.

We own a church property with definite challenges but also opportunities. Three other congregations rent space from us, making our property a financial asset. It also offers us an opportunity to relate to them and help them to grow as congregations. Another asset is that our property includes several acres of woodland and a stream. We are also strategically located in the middle of the City of Fairfax.

We have identified needs in our community including affordable housing, senior-care, homelessness, childcare, environmental protection, and creating a spiritual home in our fast paced urban environment. Our vision will seek to articulate ways we can respond to these challenges.

A vision is not something we can nail down because life is a flowing river than constantly keeps changing. Instead it gives us a sense of identity and direction. With this I will seek to identify four elements of a vision for who we are and what God is calling us to. These are the things that have inspired us and become the song of our heart.

  1. We’re a small, diverse church that welcomes everybody no matter who you are or what your background may be.
  2. We’re a spiritual home for people who are finding faith for the first time as well as those who, because of past hurtful experiences, are best described as church refugees.
  3. We’re a peace church shaped by our Anabaptist spiritual ancestors and rooted in the life and vision of Jesus.
  4. Finally, we embody a faith-based social concern that includes the poor, those on the margins of society, and our threatened natural environment.

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